Welcome To The New Clear Signal Video Site

Clear Signal Video is the only place on the internet where train enthusiasts can RENT high quality railroad-related videos and DVDs.  There are over 2000 titles available for rent so you can almost always get the video you want, when you want it.

I have joined up with some friends to refresh my business and create a new website that will be easier to use (over time) and reach a wider audience.  I also plan to include more train related materials and links I have discovered so that rail fans like me can enjoy the wide variety of sites available on the web.

My goal is the same; to provide low cost rentals of railroad videos, quality and timely service as well as expanding the inventory of subjects customers can enjoy.  I plan to provide membership newsletters and announcements of what’s new and interesting, so join up on this site to get the benefits.

If you are one of the hundreds of railway enthusiasts who have been with us for years, I hope you enjoy our new and improved site.

We’re looking for new ways to make your experience a great one.  Meanwhile, the catalog and the personal touch you have come to know are still old school but will improve gradually over time


David Hackley

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5 Responses to Welcome To The New Clear Signal Video Site

  1. David Chamberlain says:


    Congratulations on expanding your service and providing a new webpage. I am just beginning to explore the site and hope to begin renting videos very soon. Good luck.

    David Chamberlain
    Memphis, TN

  2. Don Smith says:

    Dave………Still wondering why no monthly shipments? None in April, nor May…..
    Please check into this, and see if we can get service started again.


  3. joe sages says:

    been trying to get a hold of you for months… no answer to the phone or email. Are you still in business? I’ve rented movies with you a few years ago and it worked great. I’d love to rent some more. Please let me know what I can do to rent a few more.

    Thank you,

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